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The Importance of Having a Strong Impact in the Community

We here at Capital Alliance Group really do sincerely like helping people. While many may have a love-hate relationship with work life, often viewing it as a necessary evil one must endure to enjoy those moments of life spent not working, the satisfaction one receives from having a work life that encompasses many facets of providing service and assistance in helping others succeed can bring a richness to life which is beyond compare. We get to enjoy spending most of our days helping companies with their cash flow needs and making a difference in the growth of your business, and then we also spend time after hours helping our community. When work life brings as much fulfillment as the life you lead away from work, your job becomes less a job and more like a pleasure. This makes for happier employees and an overall positive workplace. Making an impact in our community is a philosophy that we truly embrace. We share the efforts that we embark on in the community with you not for praise, but in the hopes that you will be inspired to join us in making a difference. The fulfillment, satisfaction, and improved company morale are absolutely worth the extra effort; making a difference in people’s lives is something Capital Alliance Group truly believes in.

After a record-breaking April for our company, we celebrated by giving back; we thought it would be really great to be able to provide some kids in our community an opportunity to truly feel good about themselves, hopefully providing them with grand memories and instilling an appreciation in school that we hope will grow and blossom within them as they move forward into high school.

El Sol Academy is a charter public school near downtown Santa Ana, where over 20% of families are below the poverty level. El Sol's mission is to provide a rigorous academic environment and give underprivileged kids a better chance at college acceptance and the American Dream. Due to budget constraints and administrative issues, the school has been struggling financially and has had to make significant cuts to their programsand activities. Despite these challenges, El Sol was awarded the prestigious Hart Vision Award for Charter School of the Year.

We are pleased to be able to help the kids celebrate their accomplishments by providing the outgoing 8th grade class of El Sol Academy a graduation ceremony and party this year. This is an important milestone in these children's lives, and we’re so happy that these deserving kids were able to enjoy an experience they will always remember. We wish them good luck with their future endeavors in high school!

Capital Alliance helps businesses with working capital and cash flow but also helps these kids at El Sol Academy with their Graduation Ceremony