Everyone should have a happy Thanksgiving, but not everyone is as fortunate to get to enjoy what so many of us may take for granted.

Capital Alliance loves to give back. We’ve been very fortunate as a company, and an integral part of our business philosophy is to contribute to worthy causes that benefit our community .

Our business itself, the loans we provide— funding that benefits small businesses across the entire United States—is a venture that helps communities everywhere, by virtue of getting capital into the hands of a segment of the economy that has traditionally needed loans to grow, and up until the last several years, was always able to get that funding from traditional banks . While those days are long over, Capital Alliance is filling the void in small business lending that was left by the banks.

But this post is about doing more; going that extra mile. It’s about going above and beyond what we already do as a result of our business activities. And what better time to give back to the community than during the holidays? Yes, anytime is a good time to be charitable, but there’s something about the spirit of the holidays that increases the emotional impact you can create in the hearts of those that you help. It’s very fulfilling and something we’re very happy to be in a position to carry out.

This year we decided to partner up with SPIN , a non-profit organization operating right here in Orange County, CA. SPIN stands for Serving People In Need, which couldn’t be a better description of what they have set out to do since their inception nearly 30 years ago.

We challenged our Capital Alliance staff to make a difference in the lives of as many families as we possibly could and we were able to give 21 families a much more memorable Thanksgiving! We’d like to thank the staff for opening up their hearts with their generosity.

Graphic of a turkey asking for Capital Alliance Small Business Loan Financial Consultants to come together and donate good for Thanksgiving. This picture is titled Capital-Alliance-Group-Adopt-A-Family-Thanksgiving and captioned

The Capital Alliance team really came together and exceeded what we hoped to accomplish

Photo of Thanksgiving donations at the Capital Alliance Group offices waiting to be compiled into baskets. Photo is titled Capital-Alliance-Group-Making-Thanksgiving-Baskets and captioned

Donations received; time to make them into individual baskets

Photo of a finished Thanksgiving basket in the Capital Alliance Group lobby. It is titled Capital-Alliance-Group-SPIN-Thanksgiving-Basket-Preview and captioned,

A beautiful finished basket. We couldn’t fit a whole turkey in there , so there is a voucher right there in the pie crust/ tin!

Photo of two Capital Alliance Group team members dropping the finished baskets off at the SPIN offices. It is titled Capital-Alliance-Group-SPIN-Thanksgiving-Baskets II and captioned,

Representatives from the Capital Alliance team dropping off the baskets at the SPIN offices

Photo of all the finished Thanksgiving baskets at the SPIN office. It is titled Capital-Alliance-Group-SPIN-Thanksgiving-Baskets III and captioned,

Look at all those baskets! Thank you team; you really outdid yourselves!