How Long Does It Take to Get Unsecured Business Financing?

Once a small business owner has decided that it’s necessary to secure outside financing in order to keep his or her company moving forward, it’s time to figure out which financial vehicle makes the most sense for the company’s specific situation.

When money’s tight, however, small business owners don’t exactly have the luxury of waiting around for a long time to get the money they need to grow their companies. Instead, they need cash quickly.

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What Can Equipment Loans Be Used For?

If running a company were easy, business owners would be able to invest in equipment and machinery one time and enjoy a return on those investments in perpetuity.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Even the best equipment in the world that’s taken care of thoroughly will eventually wear down. And of course, not everyone takes the best care of their equipment. Be honest: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without getting an oil change on your personal car? How about a tune-up?

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Using Retail Loans to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Last year, holiday retail sales climbed 3.6%. This year, sales are expected to grow even faster over the same period, climbing as much as 4.5% to eclipse $1 trillion.


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Equipment Loans for Medical Businesses: What, When, How

In order to deliver an exemplary level of care and improve patient outcomes, medical businesses need access to the latest equipment and technologies on the market.

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7 FAQs on Capital Loans for Wholesale Companies

You can’t grow a wholesale company when you’re broke.

As a wholesaler who’s facing cash-flow problems, it may be time to get your financial house in order by applying for a capital loan.

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