7 Tips for Retaining Customers Over the Long Term

Growing your company from a small business into a large one starts with satisfying customers to the point they become loyal.

While loyal customers may only account for up to 15 percent of your entire customer base, they can be responsible for generating as much as 70 percent of your sales.

In other words, a mere handful of customers have the power to potentially make or break your business.

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Is This the Year for You to Get an Equipment Loan?

There comes a time when every business owner is forced to figure out how to pay for new machinery and equipment or renovate or repair older models.

Even when money is plentiful, smart business owners are hesitant to tie up so much cash in large-ticket expenditures. Let’s say a construction business owner bought a new excavator by putting a large chunk of the company’s available cash down. Unfortunately, a week later, there’s an accident on a worksite and lawyers get involved—making it that much trickier to absorb legal expenses because cash is tied up in the excavator.

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