How to Deal With Difficult Customers

In a perfect world, your customers would be enthusiastically satisfied every time they interacted with your brand.

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6 Time-Management Tips for Your Small Business

For small-business owners, being incredibly busy comes with the territory.  

Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day—and you can’t work all of them. You have to sleep sometime, anyway.

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What Are Typical Small Business Loan Terms?

Running a small business is hard work.

It would be hard enough to manage a company if you had control over every variable. But as every small business owner knows, problems that are outside your control will materialize sooner or later.

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6 Marketing Tips Your Small Business Can Implement with the Help of a Loan

Every small business owner knows how difficult it can be to keep the doors open. That’s why 60 percent of small-business owners worry about cash-flow problems every month. When cash is tight, it can be difficult enough to pay your staff and cover rent. Buying new equipment or investing in new technology is out of the question, too.

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Small-Business Tax Tips for 2017

This year, thanks to the way the calendar falls, taxes aren’t officially due until Tuesday, April 18—unless you live in Maine or Massachusetts, which means you get an extra day to file.

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