Capital Alliance Publishes Guide to Small Business Loans


unraveling_interpreting_small_business_loan_landscapre.pngIndustry Innovator's New E-Book Details the Benefits of Unsecured Loans

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwired - August 25, 2016) - Capital Alliance, an industry innovator that is changing the way small business lending is done, announced today that it is publishing a resource for small businesses to learn more about unsecured loans. The e-book, A Beginner's Guide to Loans for Small Businesses, is available for free download at

Small business owners routinely find themselves facing cash flow problems for a number of reasons. Without access to cash, many small businesses find it extremely difficult -- if not altogether impossible -- to keep their doors open. Furthermore, even if your business isn't facing cash flow difficulties, it can be difficult to seize growth opportunities without additional capital.

Outside financing in the form of unsecured loans are the best way for these owners to sidestep cash flow problems and continue growing their businesses. Capital Alliance's new e-book is a primer for small business owners unfamiliar with the lending process. Among the guide's features:

  • A detailed description of what exactly an unsecured loan is and how it works
  • Other types of loans available to small businesses
  • Several advantages of unsecured loans
  • Eight areas in which small business typically use the capital from an unsecured loan

"Cash flow problems are more common than most people think," says Tom Hamilton, Vice President of Marketing. "A proactive approach to finances can help small businesses manage any money shortages they may encounter -- if not avoid such shortages altogether. Unsecured loans are one of the best strategies small business owners can take, and our new e-book is a great start to learn about this sound financial tactic." For more information about this e-book or the services that Capital Alliance offers, visit the company's website at

About Capital Alliance
The Capital Alliance journey began in 2008 during "The Great Recession" to solve a major problem that small businesses were facing: access to capital. Since then, it has been the company's mission to evolve outdated lending models and provide simpler, more efficient ways for small businesses to obtain funding. To date, Capital Alliance has funded more than $500 million to thousands of small businesses, meanwhile staying true to their small business roots and not letting success sway their values. For more information, visit