Capital Alliance Rebranding Signals Big Changes and Major Growth


logo-1.jpgSanta Ana, CA – March 6, 2017 – Capital Alliance Group (Capital Alliance), a leading full-service non-bank small business lender specializing in funding small businesses in nearly every industry across the United States and Canada, today announced the official launch of its new corporate branding and redesigned loan underwriting platform. The revamped lending platform, created by an industry-leading team of data scientists, offers quick and streamlined decision-making processes to help get rapid approvals out to small business owners and put cash in their business bank accounts faster than ever.

Focused on protecting the American Dream, the Company’s mission has always been to make available the capital that small businesses have always had a need for.  Having been underserved by traditional banking institutions in the years since the Great Recession, the availability of capital for small business owners is currently being further eroded as large and highly-visible non-bank lenders such as CAN Capital and Lending Club are significantly scaling back their lending operations, or even ceasing to originate new loans at all. 

To go along with the new lending platform, the new corporate branding marks the beginning of a new era for Capital Alliance. As several of these non-bank lenders are having new-found trouble lending to small businesses, Capital Alliance is one lender that is accelerating and expanding their lending operations in order to provide even more money to more small businesses, and quicker too.  In addition to the new lending platform and rebranding, Capital Alliance is also expanding their client services staff in order to ensure that every small business owner receives the attention they deserve, despite the increased volume.

“This industry as a whole has seen some growing pains as of late, but Capital Alliance is positioned to pick up the slack left by the lenders that are having trouble meeting the needs of small business owners,” said Tom Hamilton, Vice President of Marketing at Capital Alliance. “The new branding is just icing on the cake, that cake being the launch of a revolutionary lending platform that will automate and improve our underwriting process, as well as a major expansion of our sales staff. 2017 is going to be a huge year for us and we’re excited to have the ability to help even more small businesses than ever before.”

About Capital Alliance

The Capital Alliance journey began in 2008 during "The Great Recession" to solve a major problem that small businesses were facing: access to capital. Since then, it has been the company's mission to evolve outdated lending models and provide simpler, more efficient ways for small businesses to obtain funding. To date, Capital Alliance has funded more than $500 million to thousands of small businesses, meanwhile staying true to their small business roots and not letting success sway their values. For more information, visit