Capital Alliance Publishes Marketing Playbook for Small-Business Owners


marketing_playbook.pngIndustry Innovator’s New E-Book Details Strategies to Help Attract and Convert More Prospects

Santa Ana, CA—June 22, 2017 — Capital Alliance, an industry innovator that is changing the way small-business lending is done, announced today it is publishing a guide to help small-business owners improve their marketing strategies. The e-book, The Small-Business Owner’s Marketing Playbook, is available for free download at

Just about all small-business owners dream about turning their companies into world-class organizations. Rarely, if ever, does this happen overnight; years, if not decades, of hard work are required to achieve ambitious goals. But with the right business model, determination, skill, and vision, small business can grow into large ones—if they can continually attract plenty of customers. Capital Alliance’s new e-book details why marketing is so important for the small-business owner. Among the guide’s features:

  • A description of a three-step buyer’s journey, and the difference between inbound and outbound marketing
  • The importance of building a small business’s website
  • Tips for creating blog posts and other content that help convert prospects into customers
  • The value of using social media
  • Advice for writing engaging emails aimed at customers
  • A look at the potential of paid media
  • The importance in investing capital in marketing efforts

“In an ideal world, customers flock to a small business as soon as it opens its doors,” says Tom Hamilton, Vice President of Marketing. “That rarely happens for most small businesses, which must invest in marketing outreach to attract customers and build and maintain a robust client base. By developing a great inbound marketing strategy—complete with a great website, a solid content and social media strategy, and effective email outreach—entrepreneurs can generate more leads that can subsequently generate more success. Our new guide is a great resource for small-business owners looking to up their marketing game.”

For more information about this e-book or the services that Capital Alliance offers, visit the company’s website at

About Capital Alliance
The Capital Alliance journey began in 2008 during "The Great Recession" to solve a major problem that small businesses were facing: access to capital. Since then, Capital Alliance has been on a mission to evolve outdated lending models and provide simpler, more efficient ways for small businesses to obtain funding. To date, more than $500 million has been funded to thousands of small businesses. Capital Alliance stays true to its small business roots and has not let success sway its values. For more information, visit